The Ranges of Cable Applications(0.81~6MM):

Automatic coaxial cable stripper machine

Functional Characteristics:
This machine is suitable for Coaxial Cable processing and able to meet the multi-layers process requirement. It can strip the cable outer diameter up to 6mm. It comes with the features of Touch Screen, easy setting, precision, stability and quality performance. Stripping Data can be stored and changed while operating.

Cutting Position Setting

Cutting Sequence Setting

Cutting Speed Setting

Cutting Outer Diameter Setting

Stripping Speed Setting

Stripping Sequence Setting

Full/Half Stripping Setting

Cutting Head Turning Setting

Data Saving


Maximum Wire OD: 6.0 mm

Minimum Wire OD: 0.81 mm
Cutting Unit: 0.01 mm
Maximum Stripping length: 35 mm

Maximum Stripping Layer: 9

Strip Speed & Cutting Speed: Adjustable
Production: 500 pcs/h (According to the length)

Driving Mode: Electric Machinery / Helicoid Screw
Display Mode: 5.7’’ Monitor Touch Screen
Revolving Cutter & Material: 2pcs,Tungsten Steel
Cutting Tools and Material: 2pcs, SKH
Wire Holder: Auto-Balance, Pneumatic drive, easy and reliable

Memory Storage: 100set
Power: AC110V / AC220V
Power Consumption: 300w
Weight : 18kg
Machine Size : L450*W215*H220mm
Working Environment: 0~35° in dry working room and operate on a stable table.