This I-PEX terminal machine comes with Japanese cylinders and control components. We have the models of 0.81, 1.13, 1.32, 1.37, 1.78, etc. The drawing force and the forming heights are up to the original specifications. Moreover, it is small and simple to operate. Operational options include  manual & automatic.

Processing range: 0.81, 1.13, 1.32, 1.37, 1.78…etc.
Production: 1000pcs/h
Air Pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa (5~7bar)
MHF 1ST , 2ND , 3RD , 4TH Generations Terminal Shaping Machines.
Power: AC110V / AC220V
Weight: 10kg
Dimension: 350*150*400mm