The ranges of Wire Applications(3~12mm)

Cable trimming Machine
This machine comes with the timing belts to cut the cable of the required length and a saw blade can keep the cable roundness.
1. Man-Made Machine Interface, easy to control.
2. Apply to 3 mm~12 mm Cable
3. Data storing for 30 sets of wire processing.
4. Adjustable for cutting speed.
5. Cutting length can be the shortest 50mm to 99999.9mm.
6. Auto-Alarm Stop & Auto-Stop when it is out of wire or when it reaches the setting quantity.
7. It can be changed the function for Auto Trimming or Manual Trimming by a foot switch.


Precise driving system comes with high-torque gears and timing belts to run it stably, accurately, efficiently and quietly.


Parameter Description

Type No. PX-CT400
Max. Outer Diameter 12 mm
Min. Outer Diameter 3 mm
Max. Length 99999 mm
Min. Length 50 mm
Cutting Speed Adjustable
Production According to cable O.D. & length
Electric Machinery Step Motor
Display Mode 7” Touch Screen
Cutter 1pcs, Saw Blade
Wire Holder Auto-Balance,
Electric Machinery Drive, Adjustable Clamping Force
Memory Storage 30set
Power AC220V
Power Consumption > 1000W
Weight 60 kg
Dimension 670*570*390 mm
Environmental Tempt. 0°~35°