The ranges of Wire Applications(3~7mm):


Auto-Stripping Machine
This machine is special for RF & Antenna Products, specializing in Coaxial Cable Stripping with precision, efficiency, and stability features. The Auto-Stripper is labor-saving and efficient for production because it is equipped with a wire auto-feed line.

1. Man-Made Machine Interface, easy to control.
2. Apply to 3 mm~7 mm Coaxial Cable
3. Data storing for 50 sets of wire processing.
4. Various stripping measures to reach a full range of wire demands.
5. Adjustable for cutter speed, depth, wire feeding.. etc.
6. Stripping length can be the shortest 80mm to 99999.9mm.
7. According to the length of wire, the processing capability is within 400pcs per hour.
8. Auto-Alarm Stop & Auto-Stop when it is out of wire or when it reaches the setting quantity.


Precise driving system comes with high-torque gears and timing belts to run it stably, accurately, efficiently and quietly.

Parameter Description

Type No. PX-BJ600-D
Max. Outer Diameter 7 mm
Min. Outer Diameter 3 mm
Max. Length 99,999 mm
Min. Length 80 mm
Cutting Unit 0.01mm
Max. Strip Length A Terminal (Front) 0~90 mm
Max. Strip Length B Terminal (Back) 0~90 mm
Max. process Layers 6
Strip Speed & Cutting Speed Adjustable
Production 1200pc’s/hr
Driving Mode Electric Machinery /
Helicoid Screw
Display Mode 7” Touch Screen
Revolving Cutter and Material 2pcs,Tungsten Steel
Cutting Tools and Material 4pcs,SKH
Wire Holder Auto-Balance,
Electric Machinery Drive, Adjustable Clamping Force
Memory Storage 50 set
Power AC220V
Power Consumption >3000W
Weight 150kg
Dimension 870*890*450 mm
Electric Machinery Step Motor
Environmental Tempt. 0°~35°