Auto Stripping Machine PX-SF1200-S

Auto Stripping Machine (very short cable / jumper) 12mm

The ranges of Wire Applications(0.64~3.5mm):


Auto Stripping Machine PX-SF1200-S

Machine Exterior

Auto Stripping Machine PX-SF1200-S Machine Exterior

Parameter Description

Type No. PX-SF1200-S
Max. Outer Diameter 3.5 mm
Min. Outer Diameter 0.64 mm
Max. Length 500 mm
Min. Length 12 mm
Cutting Unit 0.01 mm
Max. Strip Length A Terminal (Front) 0~90 mm
Max. Strip Length B Terminal (Back) 0~90 mm
Max. process Layers 4
Strip Speed & Cutting Speed Adjustable
Production  1200 pc’s/hr
Driving Mode Electric Machinery /Helicoid Screw
Display Mode 7” Touch Screen
Revolving Cutter and Material 2pcs,Tungsten Steel
Cutting Tools and Material 2pcs,SKH
Wire Holder Auto-Balance,
Electric Machinery Drive, Adjustable Clamping Force
Memory Storage 50 set
Power AC220V
Power Consumption > 3000W
Weight 140 kg
Dimension 800*760*450 mm
Electric Machinery Japan Servo Motor(Fuji)
Environmental Tempt. 0°~35°